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Warwickshire Surgical Partners is a collaboration between two consultant surgeons who have worked together for many years. Their aim is to provide expert care to patients with a wide variety of surgical problems by combining modern techniques with years of clinical experience.

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Thread Veins

(Also called 'Spider Veins' or 'Broken Veins')


These are small dilated veins within the skin which patients find cosmetically unacceptable.


The majority of thread veins are best treated by using microsclerotherapy, a virtually painless injection technique which causes the veins to shrivel up and disappear over a period of six to twelve weeks. The procedure is performed in outpatients over a number of sessions depending on the extent of your veins , and you can drive home afterwards. You will need to wear a bandage or support stocking on your leg for about 24 hours after each session.


Thread veins that are too small for injections may be successfully treated under laser or photoderm therapy. These are treatments that use light energy to shrivel up the thread vein and your consultant will be able to advise you as to the most appropriate form of treatment for your particular thread veins.



Extensive thigh thread veins.



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Warwickshire Surgical Partners have consulting rooms at The Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital in Leamington Spa, The Grafton Suite in Stratford Upon Avon and BMI Meriden Hospital in Coventry.



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