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Warwickshire Surgical Partners is a collaboration between two consultant surgeons who have worked together for many years. Their aim is to provide expert care to patients with a wide variety of surgical problems by combining modern techniques with years of clinical experience.

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A hernia is a weakness in the wall of the abdomen, where the abdominal contents push through the weakness and cause a lump. This usually appears in the groin (inguinal or femoral hernia) but may also commonly appear at the belly button (umbilical hernia) or at the site of old operations (incisional hernia). Hernias are often uncomfortable, particularly when lifting or straining. Occasionally they can cause more serious problems if the contents of the hernia get stuck and the lump becomes tender and painful.


It is usually advisable to have a hernia repaired surgically.

All of the surgeons in Warwickshire Surgical Partners are experienced in the surgical management of hernias. Hernia repair in the groin usually involves placing a nylon mesh through a small incision over the weakness to strengthen the abdominal wall. It may be possible to perform this surgery under local anaesthetic, or by using keyhole surgery (more information) Other hernias in the abdomen may require a mesh or a more simple surgical repair, depending on their size.


Your surgeon will be able to discuss all aspects of hernia repair with you at your consultation.



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Warwickshire Surgical Partners have consulting rooms at The Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital in Leamington Spa, The Grafton Suite in Stratford Upon Avon and BMI Meriden Hospital in Coventry.



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